Building Green Communities

MISSION:The Orchard Development Green Operating Philosophy

Orchard Development is committed to sustainable development and green building practices. Embracing the six tenets of the National Green Building Standard we will educate our team as we create apartment homes that use energy, water and materials efficiently and provide enhanced indoor air quality. As individuals, and as an organization, we are mindful of future generations by striving to minimize our impact on the environment. A green built apartment home is more comfortable, healthy and cost efficient for its residents.

Living a green lifestyle is more than a frame of mind; it is a commitment to making good choices. Literally every decision we make can be 'green' in one way or another: our food, consumables, household goods, transportation, and now, even the apartment homes we rent.

To support this growing desire for a sustainable lifestyle, Orchard Development launched its Green Building Program in 2012 with a National Green Building Certified apartment development at Orchard Meadows at Northridge, Ellicott City, Maryland. Orchard Development's 'green' apartment homes provide the energy and environmentally conscious tenant with healthy, energy-efficient living that is affordable, low maintenance and offers the best in sustainable living.

Following strict National Green Building and ENERGY STAR standards, Orchard Development's green-built apartment homes are among the first National Green Building Certified available to consumers in Howard County. We are also a proud partner in EPA's Energy Star Partnership Program.

Built to the National Green Building Standard

The National Green Building Standard [NGBS] is the only residential green building rating system that has been approved by the American National Standards Institute [ANSI]. ANSI approval means that the standard met the stringent requirements for a balance of stakeholders, broad-based public review and the consideration of all public comments.

On October 2, 2012 Orchard Development Corporation was honored to receive the prestigious NGBS Silver Certification from the NAHB Research Center.

The NGBS is a rating system and certification protocol that assures homes have met the stringent benchmarks in six key areas:

  • Energy efficiency: Appliances, insulation, doors, windows, heating and air-conditioning and the home's design work together to conserve energy resources and reduce utility bills.
  • Water efficiency: Water heaters, toilets, faucets and drought-tolerant landscaping conserve water inside and out.
  • Resource efficiency: Materials are selected for durability, origin, and recycled content while waste-management strategies reduce the environmental impact of the home's construction.
  • Indoor environmental quality: Appropriate ventilation techniques, along with paints, sealants and adhesives made without harmful compounds help improve a home's indoor environment for the entire family.
  • Lot design & Site development: The home is positioned to take advantage of heat and light from the sun. Natural site features are preserved and protected wherever possible.
  • Building Operation & Maintenance.

Every Green Apartment Home is certified by an independent verifier accredited by the NAHB Research Center.

  • Residents can be assured that apartment homes certified to the National Green Building Standard have been designed, built, and evaluated based on a technologically credible, rigorous, and legitimate performance-based system.
  • Under the Standard, builders must also provide education and a manual for residents to help ensure their home is operated and maintained to retain its green advantage.
  • Orchard Development's National Green Building Standard Certified apartment homes offer dozens of additional environmental benefits relating to better indoor air quality, building materials and techniques, and cost-saving energy and water efficiency.